A Touch of Glass


If you follow my tweets (@emma_museums) then you may have seen that a few weeks ago I was busy researching for an exhibition of glasswares for a display case in the Local Heritage Library, to replace the previous Olympics themed-exhibition.

The display case in the Local Heritage Library gives the curatorial team the opportunity to showcase some of our collection, in this instance the unusual and varied glass objects in Stockport’s museum collection.

Glass objects chosen for display before packaging and transportation to the Local Heritage Library.

Whilst researching Codd bottles, the two displayed being local to Stockport,  I came across the folklore that the phrase ‘Coddswallop’ dervied from the codd bottle and the cheap local beer found in them!  This sparked an idea for the interpretation I developed, with two people shouting phrases to one another from either side of the case.  In addition to this, I created a main A3 ‘panel’, in the form of laminated paper, with some background information about glass and different ways it is formed.

A Touch of Glass – finished case

Preparing for this mini-exhibition was a great experience, due to the many jobs it entailed.  These included:

  • Searching MODES for potential glass objects
  • Going into the stores and retrieving the objects
  • Completing ‘Object Movement Tickets’
  • Photographing objects that had no image attached to the record on MODES
  • Researching the formation of glass and other information for interpretation
  • Creating labels for displaying inside the case
  • Creating interpretation posters
  • Packing and transporting the objects
  • Dressing the case
  • Displaying the objects
  • Updating MODES with the temporary location of the objects

On the day I had Nicola (Curatorial Officer) with me, and she helped to pack away the objects from the former display, and to offer advice on how to best display the glasswares.

This was a really fun project to manage, and hopefully I will get the chance to do another one soon!

If you would like to visit the glassware exhibition, and indeed the Local Heritage Library, you can find the opening hours and directions here.

Tatty bye!

Standing next to the finished case


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